Poolmate Hydro 6, an Ideal Tool to Clean Your Pool

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle, and promote relaxation. A swimming pool is an excellent way for you and your family to enjoy inexhaustible fun, especially during hot summers. With a private pool, you can swim and engage in water activities at any time and in any location, without relying on public pools or adhering to their schedules. You have the freedom to choose the size, shape, and features that best suit your lifestyle and budget, offering you complete control over your swimming and relaxation experience.

However, building and maintaining a swimming pool can be costly, as it entails not only initial construction expenses but also ongoing costs related to chemicals, equipment maintenance, and water bills. Additionally, pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs require a significant investment of time and effort. Moreover, in colder climates, weatherizing and covering the pool to protect it from inclement weather is necessary. As a pool owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your pool is always safe and well-maintained, including testing and balancing chemicals, checking and cleaning filters, and maintaining mechanical equipment.


Maintaining pool cleanliness can be challenging for pool owners, but a pool cover can help minimize debris entering the pool and reduce the need for frequent cleaning. Establishing and adhering to a regular cleaning schedule can also help. Using a pool vacuum cleaner can save time and effort by quickly removing debris at the bottom of the pool. If you have no time or inclination to clean your pool yourself, you can enlist the services of a professional pool cleaning company. Alternatively, the Poolmate Hydro 6 robotic pool cleaner is recommended as a solution to these problems. Poolmate, a global leader in delivering consistent, efficient, and reliable pool cleaning solutions through advanced technology and intelligent design, has developed this robotic pool cleaner, which can clean the pool bottom and walls intelligently and efficiently, saving time and effort. The Poolmate Hydro 6 robotic pool cleaner is suitable for private swimming pools, high-end apartments, private swimming pools in luxury homes, etc.

The Poolmate Hydro 6 robotic pool cleaner is equipped with the world's leading deep-sea technology ultra-long-life BLDC motor developed by Poolmate, which runs smoothly and provides stable and reliable power to the cleaner without electric sparks or interference. The Anti-Resonance Algorithm random path planning feature allows for comprehensive coverage of time-limited cleaning paths, breaking through classical mathematical problems. Additionally, the Hydro 6 robotic pool cleaner is integrated with various hardware and software to enable more "intelligent" functions such as accurate path planning and movement, course correction, automatic obstacle avoidance, and automatic escape. With Hydro-Grav patented technology, the cleaner can climb walls intelligently, move laterally, and efficiently clean lane lines.

The Poolmate Hydro 6 can be remotely controlled by the APP to schedule cleaning (timed/delay), operate unattended, pick-up, and perform other functions. In manual mode, the cleaner can clean without delay. The built-in chip PID algorithm with course control and resistance sensing can accurately control the Hydro 6 to move in all directions, climb walls, and move laterally along lane lines. Comprehensive hydrodynamic analysis optimizes the detailed structure and layout of the entire machine and its components, eliminating eddy current circulation, preventing dirt from churning up at the bottom, and ensuring effective cleaning. Dual active brushes clean the pool while moving, delivering strong friction force through higher crawler speed to efficiently clean the bottom, walls, and lane lines of the pool, and remove all dirt. Poolmate Hydro 6 robotic pool cleaner is designed with a multi-filter system to ensure effective filtration. The inner filter bag can capture larger debris such as sand, leaves, and stones, while the outer cartridge filter is highly precise and can capture smaller impurities like mud, scurf, and grease. This advanced filtration system ensures accurate cleaning of your pool.


The 6L filter pocket can be easily cleaned by opening the cleaning chamber, which removes all the dirt stored in the filter bags. Additionally, you can enable the pick-up function of the APP or control box to automatically move Poolmate Hydro 6 to the nearest pool edge for quick pick-up.

One of the unique features of the Hydro 6 is its deep-sea technology BLDC motor. This advanced motor is free of electric spark, runs smoothly with minimal interference, and provides stable and reliable power to the cleaner. With Poolmate Hydro 6, you can leave your pool cleaning to the experts and enjoy a clean and relaxing pool anytime.