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Welcome to Poolmate, the leading robotic pool cleaner brand from Chasing-Innovation Technology Co., LTD, a pioneer in underwater technology. For the past 8 years, our constant innovation has made us experts in research, development, and sales of consumer underwater drones, industrial underwater robots, and portable smart unmanned equipment globally.

After 2 years of in-depth research, continuous development, and rigorous testing, we are proud to launch the second generation of Poolmate robotic pool cleaner - the Hydro Series. Integrating our advanced underwater drone technology, these products provide a comprehensive intelligent solution for pool maintenance.

Poolmate is more than just a product - it is our commitment to quality and innovation. We aim to deliver a cleaner, healthier pool experience so you can fully enjoy the water without the hassle of tedious cleaning. Choosing Poolmate means opting for reliable, smart, and efficient pool cleaning solutions.

robotic pool cleaner brand - Poolmate Pool Cleaners - Clean Swimming Pool


Poolmate symbolizes loyalty and guardianship to your pool, offering a cooler way of life. We deeply care about pool cleanliness, family health, and the unparalleled joy derived from time spent in the pool, echoing the philosophy of "Life is cool by the pool."

robotic pool cleaner brand - Poolmate - Hydro 6 Pool Cleaners - Clean Swimming Pool

Brand Mission

Poolmate's mission is to deliver consistent, efficient, and reliable pool cleaning solutions through advanced technology and intelligent design. We aim to lead the pool cleaning industry, assisting families in maintaining clean and hygienic pools, providing the best pool cleaning experience, and leading a revolution in lifestyle attitudes.

robotic pool cleaner brand - Poolmate - Hydro 4 Pool Cleaner - Clean Swimming Pool

Brand Vision

Poolmate seeks to create not just the pleasure of swimming but also a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. In this aquatic space, individuals can escape the complexities of the world and immerse themselves in a life of leisure. Poolmate, aligning with this unique lifestyle, not only creates delightful experiences in the water but also molds a taste and enjoyment that transcends into everyday living—a philosophy conveying that "Life is cool."

robotic pool cleaner brand - Poolmate Pool Cleaners - Clean Swimming Pool

Brand Story

By a family poolside, a team of daring explorers, innovators, and engineers, passionate about pool cleanliness and family health, gathered and created the Poolmate brand. We promise that Poolmate will bring products to every home and every pool, providing sanitary, comfortable, and reliable water management solutions for homeowners with family pools. Choosing Poolmate means embracing not only a pool cleaning solution but also a lifestyle.

Global market coverage - Poolmate Pool Cleaners Global market coverage - Poolmate Pool Cleaners

Market Layout

At present, Poolmate has authorized
dealers and professional after-sales outlets in

more than 100 countries

with a coverage over Japan, South Korea,
Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas,
Europe, Africa, Australia and other regions.

Core Team

National Marine Engineering Equipment Architecture Design Talents, Intelligent Control Algorithm Talents with Work Experience in Huawei

Zhang Xun

CEO/ Founder

Zhou Changgen


Yang Yang


You Yun


Li Yingcan


Xi Zhiping