Pool Perfection Made Easy: Poolmate's Robotic Wonders

Poolmate, the foremost innovator in robotic pool cleaning, has recently ushered in a new era of automation for pool maintenance with the launch of the remarkable Hydro 4 Turbo Centrifugal Robot and Hydro 6 Pool Cleaning Robot. Powered by pioneering technologies and brimming with intelligent features, these advanced cordless or corded automatic robots aim to radically transform pool cleaning for both in-ground pools and above-ground pools with their unmatched performance.
The world’s first turbo centrifugal pump robotic pool cleaner
The Hydro 4 Turbo employs Poolmate's exclusive Turbo Centrifugal Tech to deliver a 320L/min strong suction and the perpendicular inlet/outlet reduces hydraulic losses. This breakthrough turbo centrifugal pump generates extrodinary suction power while minimizing friction and energy use. The lightweight 6.5KG body encases twin pumps to easily dislodge debris. Smart navigation algorithms maximize cleaning coverage, while the quick-swap dual filtration basket design adapts to deep or regular cleaning.
The Hydro 4 is launching in three versions - cordless, corded, and hybrid - catering to diverse consumer needs for residential pool cleaning. With turbo power, interchangeable filtration baskets, and versatility, the Hydro 4 delivers highly efficient, deep cleaning for residential pools. Its customizable features and connectivity grant users flexibility like never before.
The meticulous cleaning beyond the visible
The Hydro 6 packs an industrial-grade BLDC motor developed through extensive research, granting it unmatched durability. Hydro 6 stands out with its dual-pump system that generates industry-leading suction power of 8800 gallons per hour. This unique feature along with its axial-flow filtration system enables meticulous capturing of microscopic contaminants including dust, fibers and microorganisms that evade the naked eye yet degrade water purity over time. The expansive 6-liter filtration basket with huge filtering area minimizes clogging. An innovative anti-tangling slip ring design prevents cable snags for smooth operation.
Dual-action brushes scrub floors, walls and waterlines for comprehensive cleaning. Intelligent path planning software ensures extensive coverage. The Hydro 6 effectively filters out microscopic impurities in pool water, such as ensuring it stays clean and hygienic, safeguarding the health of families. With its durable motor, anti-tangling system, dual brushes and cloud connectivity, the Hydro 6 delivers truly comprehensive, hands-free pool maintenance.
Both robots can be controlled via an app, and offers advanced Hydro-Cloud capabilities to activate automated cleaning programs remotely anytime, anywhere. At cycle end, it surfaces automatically for simple self-parking retrieval. A dedicated carrier aids storage and transport. Bright LED indicators display cleaning status.
Poolmate: Pioneering the Future of Pool Maintenance
Poolmate pool cleaning robots herald a new phase of automation and convenience for pool upkeep. Customizable features and seamless connectivity offer unprecedented flexibility. Intelligent navigation ensures every inch of your pool receives attention.
By introducing cutting-edge robots with powerful suction, Poolmate has paved the way for effortless pool care, solidifying its position as a leader in user-centric, performance-driven pool robotics.
Life is Cool by the Pool, Poolmate's relentless pursuit of excellence and intelligent design sets it apart as the foremost innovator. Their transformative approach is revolutionizing pool maintenance, bringing us closer to a hands-free, efficient future.