Poolmate Hydro 4 Turbo Centrifugal Robot - Redefining Pool Cleaning

CHASING, the leading innovator in robotic pool cleaners, is proud to unveil its highly anticipated Hydro 4, the world's first turbo centrifugal pool cleaning robot.
The Hydro 4 is powered by CHASING's patented Hydro-Turbo Tech, offering an astounding 40% increase in water flow compared to its predecessors. This breakthrough turbo centrifugal pump creates a high-velocity vortex, effectively lifting debris off pool surfaces and flushing it out in record time. The innovative centrifugal force also evenly distributes pressure, reducing axial loading on the pump shaft, ensuring an extended service life. Furthermore, the reduced friction leads to an impressive 20% energy savings during operation, allowing pool owners to enjoy sparkling clean results while cutting back on operational costs. The combination of robust flow and gentle operation guarantees the Hydro 4's longevity, providing years of reliable service.
The Hydro 4 boasts a lightweight 6.5KG body, housing twin pumps that generate an impressive 320L/min of suction power on less than 80 watts. Poolmate’s dual intake re-captures dirt missed the first time, making it effortless to extract stuck-on contaminants. Thanks to Hydro-Grav Tech, the Hydro 4 is capable of climbing walls, gliding laterally, and maneuvering tight turns to reach every inch of the pool.
Leveraging Poolmate's expertise in robotics, the Hydro 4 utilizes an optimized cleaning algorithms. The Anti-Resonance Algorithm charts a random path, avoiding repeating tracks and increasing coverage by 30% compared to basic random navigation. By intelligently scanning the pool, the Hydro 4 leaves no area neglected.
The automatic cleaning programs minimize redundant motion, thanks to the Hydro 4's intelligent navigation system. Pool owners can select the cleaning mode that best suits their pool dirtiness, ensuring every inch receives the Hydro 4's thorough scrubbing action. Smart technology paired with robust suction makes short work of residential pool cleaning.
Equipped with changeable mesh, the Hydro 4 adapts to various cleaning needs. Whether it's the periodic deep cleaning or regular maintenance, Poolmate meticulous fabric traps fine sediment, dust, and particles.
Users can easily tailor the Hydro 4's cleaning mode to fit their pool upkeep schedule. A 3-hour deep clean session effectively tackles built-up grime during opening season or infrequent use. For more frequent maintenance, a 1-hour daily cleaning mode efficiently removes new dust and debris before it accumulates.
The Hydro 4's customizable filter materials and cleaning modes provide flexibility for owners to maintain crystal-clear waters on their desired schedule. The quick-swap filters and programmable operation make pool upkeep remarkably efficient.
With Hydro-Cloud Tech, the Hydro 4 seamlessly connects via an app for remote access and control anytime, anywhere. Its modular design, along with deep-sea BLDC motor, adds durability.
The Hydro 4 is launching in three versions - cordless, corded, and hybrid - catering to diverse consumer needs. It proves to be an ideal maintenance solution for residential pools that require frequent, thorough cleaning.
Poolmate is committed to expanding the Hydro 4 system with additional accessories like solar charging kits and surface cleaning kits. With the Hydro 4, Poolmate continues to solidify its reputation as the forefront of innovative, user-friendly pool cleaning robotics.