Why Robotic Pool Cleaner? Better Water Quality, Healthier Life

Swimming pool is great for fun and relaxation, and should be well maintained. That's why many pool owners take advantage of robotic pool cleaner to reduce trouble. Robotic pool cleaner is an excellent tool to keep the pool clean and healthy while saving you time and money.

Why Robotic Pool Cleaner? Better Water Quality, Healthier Life0

Debris will be accumulated in the pool over time, making water become cloudy. Bugs and leaves will also fall into the water in the open pools. It is difficult for the pool owner to keep the pool clean all alone. Robotic pool cleaner comes in handy for pool cleaning. With fast speed and high efficiency, the cleaner will give the pool a completely new look instantly. It can not only clean the pool quickly and thoroughly, but also improve water quality by removing algae, dirt and other pollutants. It has been proved in some cases that the robotic pool cleaner can reduce the consumption of chemicals by up to 20%, which is win-win for you and your health.

Why Robotic Pool Cleaner? Better Water Quality, Healthier Life1

Applying to private swimming pools, high-end apartments, private swimming pools in luxury houses, etc., Poolmate Hydro 6 is a robotic pool cleaner independently developed by Poolmate - a global leader in delivering consistent, efficient, and reliable pool cleaning solutions through advanced technology and intelligent design.

- Poolmate Hydro 6 is equipped with the world's leading deep-sea technology ultra-long-life BLDC motor. Free of electric spark, the motor can provide stable and reliable power for the cleaner, with a service life of 5,000 hours.

- Poolmate Hydro 6 is easy to operate; after powered on, it can be operated in the selected mode. With an efficiency of cleaning the pool within 1 hour, the Hydro 6 can be remotely controlled by APP to actualize scheduled cleaning (timed/delay), unattended operation, pick-up and other functions.

- In addition to Anti-Resonance Algorithm random path planning is designed, Poolmate Hydro 6 is exclusively integrated with a number of hardware and software to actualize more "intelligent" functions such as accurate path planning and movement, course correction, automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic escape.


- Based on comprehensive hydrodynamic analysis, the detailed structure and layout of the whole machine and its components are optimized to eliminate eddy current circulation, prevent the dirt from churn-up at the bottom, so as to keep high water quality. The superfine filter bag can filter coarse sand, leaves, stones and other granular impurities, as well as mud, scurf, grease and other smaller impurities, realizing accurate filtration.


- Poolmate Hydro 6 is built with dual active brushes to clean the pool while moving. The brush delivers strong friction force by a higher speed than the crawler to efficiently clean the bottom, wall and lane line of the pool and remove all dirt.


In addition to keeping your swimming area clean and healthy, the robotic pool cleaner can also reduce your cost on regular pool maintenance. Take Poolmate Hydro 6 to home and try it today!