Poolmate: Your Family's Guardian of Pure Pool Pleasure

As tempting as that sparkling turquoise water may look on a hot summer day, every pool owner knows the work required behind the scenes to keep it safe and sanitary. While fun cannonballs, pool parties and afternoon lounging are the picture-perfect moments, the real labor of maintaining pH levels, cleaning surfaces and monitoring chemicals is far less glamorous.

clean swimming pool

Now Poolmate aims to transform pool upkeep from tiresome chore to simple pleasure.

Born from the same pioneering ethos as parent company CHASING Innovation, Poolmate enters the pool care scene as a guardian of family health and symbol of the cooler lifestyle attainable through technology's helping hand.

"Life is cool by the pool" is more than Poolmate's slogan - it encapsulates the feeling they strive to deliver by taking pool maintenance off owners' shoulders. Poolmate's advanced robot cleaners turn the swimming pool from a source of stress into an oasis promoting a balanced, peaceful life.

poolmate robotic pool cleaners

Poolmate will continue pushing boundaries in the pool space and beyond. But their motivation is not just better pools - it is happier families and fuller lives. They measure success not by profit, but by seeing their solutions unlock the true purpose and pleasure of the backyard oasis. If Poolmate can impart even a fraction of the joy that pool time brings for their own team to families everywhere, they have achieved their mission.

For all seeking to make a splash this summer the easy way and focus on what matters most, Poolmate invites you to join their movement. They are your loyal companion, life-simplifying ally and guardian of cherished memories made. With Poolmate, you can finally live the poolside lifestyle you've dreamed - where "life is cool by the pool."