Discover the Poolmate Hydro 4 Cordless Cleaning Solution

Owning a pool should be a source of joy and relaxation, not a chore. That's why the Poolmate Hydro 4 Cordless Pool Cleaning Robot is here to revolutionize the way you maintain your pool. With its cutting-edge technology and unmatched efficiency, the Hydro 4 sets a new standard for hassle-free pool maintenance.

Say goodbye to tangled wires and cumbersome cords. The external buoy battery boasts 14,400mAh capacity, providing a 3.5-hour runtime, reducing the robot's weight and making wall climbing more effortless and easy to carry. Also, it doesn't occupy the robot's internal space allowing for a larger filter basket.

Poolmate Hydro 4 Pool Cleaner

Equipped with intelligent anti-resonance algorithms, the Hydro 4 is a master of precision. It ensures comprehensive coverage, leaving no area untouched. From the pool floor to the walls and waterline, Poolmate Hydro 4 methodically cleans every surface, effortlessly removing dirt, debris with unrivaled efficiency. Its dual-zone 150μm precision filter traps particles of all sizes, from large leaves to microscopic contaminants. The result is crystal-clear water that invites you for a refreshing dip.

The Hydro 4 seamlessly integrates technology into your pool maintenance routine. With mobile app compatibility, you can schedule cleaning sessions, monitor progress remotely, and pick up the robot by one-click, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Take control of your pool maintenance effortlessly and ensure that your pool remains pristine year-round.

Cleaning the inground pool via smartphone smart control