Frequently Asked Questions

Hydro 4 & Hydro 6

What are Hydro 4 and Hydro 6?

Hydro is one of a series of fully automatic pool-cleaning robots under the Poolmate brand.

Hydro 4 is a small and medium-sized double-pump pool cleaner. There are two versions: a wired version and a wireless version for customers to choose from.

Hydro 6 is a medium to large double-pump pool cleaner, mainly used for medium sized pools.

What type of pool and water quality are Hydro 4 and Hydro 6 suitable for? Can I use Hydro 4 to clean hot spring pools / cisterns / fish ponds etc?

Hydro 4 and Hydro 6 are mainly suitable for small and medium domestic pools and small commercial pools with a water depth of less than 20m and a surface area of less than 350m2.

There are no restrictions on the shape of the pool. The working water temperature range is 5 to 40℃, the working depth is 0.8-5m and the chlorine level is 4ppm. Salt content below 10,000 ppm, pH 7-7.8 water environment.

It can be used to clean thermal pools, but we do not recommend it for cisterns and fish ponds.

What is the size and weight of Hydro 4 and Hydro 6?

Hydro 4:400mm*400mm*250mm 7.5Kg

Hydro 6:480mm*480mm*290mm 12.5Kg

Can Hydro 4 and Hydro 6 be used on a rainy day?

Yes, but please try to avoid using the power control box in prolonged rain. The Power Control Box should be placed in a rainproof location.

How long are the Hydro 4 and Hydro 6 buoyancy cables?

Hydro 4 buoyancy cable: 15m

Hydro 6 buoyancy cable: 18m/25m

What areas of the pool can Hydro 4 and Hydro 6 clean?

Swimming pool bottom, swimming pool walls and swimming pool waterline.

How many types of filters are there?

① 150um nylon filter, used for season opening or daily cleaning of private pools;

② 120g PET non-woven pleated filter paper, used for daily maintenance and cleaning of high-quality private pools;

③ 2mm polyester bag, used for daily cleaning of medium and large commercial pools;

④ 0.5mm single-side brushed velvet cloth, this material is used for daily cleaning of domestic swimming pools.

What is the Hydro series swivel ring used for?

Hydro Series swivel rings are used to prevent tangling of cables.

Can I use the Hydro series to suck up liquid flocculants or other clarifying agents?

Yes, the Hydro series can be used to vacuum liquid flocculants or other clarifying agents.

How can I clean the filter?

You can use clean water at a certain pressure to rinse. For stubborn stains, you can use a water pistol.

Why won't my Poolmate Hydro climb the wall? What should I do?

The filter can become clogged after a period of use. Cleaning the filter in time may solve the problem of not being able to climb the wall.

After-Sales Support

If I encounter any problems with my Poolmate product, how can I get support?

If there is any question or problem, please feel free to contact Chasing Support Team. for Europe, for Asia and Oceania, for South America, North America, and Africa.
Information you may need to provide: problem description (with videos/pictures); purchase channel; purchase date(receipt or screenshot of the order); APP version; phone/tablet model, SN, etc.
Note: There are many possible problems and solutions(see the part "Fault Information") in the user manual, it is recommended to check the user manual before you contact Chasing Support Team, to get a quick solution.
For more information, please check the user manual.