Poolmate announces new Brand positioning and Product roadmap

Dear Valued Customers and Esteemed Channel Partners,


We trust this message finds you well. As we step into the promising year of 2024, we are thrilled to share some exciting news with you — our acclaimed robotic pool cleaner product line, formerly known as CHASING, is now officially rebranded as Poolmate.



Currently, the new brand name Poolmate has successfully completed global trademark registration. Our existing products include the world's first corded&cordless 2-in-1 product- Poolmate Hydro 4, as well as the highly efficient and powerful cleaning capabilities of Poolmate Hydro 6. It is worth anticipating that in 2024, we will introduce more revolutionary technological advancements! This signifies our ongoing innovation in the pool cleaning domain, providing users with smarter and more efficient cleaning solutions.


This strategic rebrand not only injects a distinctive identity into our products but also enables us to communicate product information more efficiently and accurately to a wider consumer base. It successfully segregates our robotic pool cleaners from the globally leading underwater drone brand CHASING, preventing any consumer confusion. The new brand, Poolmate, is focused squarely on the pool cleaning sector, making it easier for consumers to grasp our brand philosophy and deepen their understanding of our products. The independent Poolmate brand is poised not only to swiftly penetrate the pool cleaning market, establishing a robust brand image but also to facilitate accelerated independent product development within the industry.


Poolmate Brand Highlights:


Slogan: Life is cool by the pool.

Philosophy: Poolmate symbolizes loyalty and guardianship to your pool, offering a cooler way of life. We deeply care about pool cleanliness, family health, and the unparalleled joy derived from time spent in the pool.

Brand Mission: Poolmate's mission is to deliver consistent, efficient, and reliable pool cleaning solutions through advanced technology and intelligent design. We aim to lead the pool cleaning industry, assisting families in maintaining clean and hygienic pools, providing the best pool cleaning experience, and leading a revolution in lifestyle attitudes.

Brand Vision: Poolmate seeks to create not just the pleasure of swimming but also a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. In this aquatic space, individuals can escape the complexities of the world and immerse themselves in a life of leisure. Poolmate, aligning with this unique lifestyle, not only creates delightful experiences in the water but also molds a taste and enjoyment that transcends into everyday living—a philosophy conveying that "Life is cool."

Brand Story: By a family poolside, a team of daring explorers, innovators, and engineers, passionate about pool cleanliness and family health, gathered and created the Poolmate brand. We promise that Poolmate will bring products to every home and every pool, providing sanitary, comfortable, and reliable water management solutions for homeowners with family pools. Choosing Poolmate means embracing not only a pool cleaning solution but also a lifestyle. In your backyard oasis, Poolmate will illuminate your unique understanding of life. We aspire to help you create a modern lifestyle that goes beyond self-realization, echoing the philosophy of "Life is cool by the pool."


Finally, we sincerely thank you for your continuous support and trust in our products. With the establishment of the Poolmate brand name in this exciting moment of 2024, we embark on a new chapter filled with hope and anticipation. We extend heartfelt wishes to you and your families—may it be filled with joy, happiness, and prosperity!


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to creating a clean and enjoyable pool experience together in the new year!


Best Regards,

The Poolmate Team