Robotic pool cleaner — a requisite tool for pool cleaning in hotels

Most star-rated hotels, from budget hotel to luxury resort, are finished with swimming pool which serves guests just like other recreational or fitness facilities during their stay. Swimming pool is highly attractive to guests, because it brings about more fun to them during holidays or business trips. Having a swimming pool can make the hotel stand out from its competitors and attract more guests. Furthermore, it makes the guest stay more comfortable and enjoyable, improving their experience.

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In order to give excellent swimming experience for customers, it is also important for hotels to develop regular maintenance plans and train their staff on proper pool maintenance and guarantee the safety of guests. Hotels usually sterilize and clean the pools through chemical treatment, filtration, oil skimming, dust collection, scrubbing, pH balancing, daily cleaning, etc.

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The robotic pool cleaner is used to clean and keep hotel pools clean. The cleaner can catch dirt, debris and other substances from the pool through suction and filtration. CHASING CM600 robotic pool cleaner, independently developed by CHASING Innovation, is equipped with the world's leading deep-sea technology ultra-long-life BLDC motor that is developed by CHASING, realizing intelligent, convenient and comprehensive cleaning. After placed into the pool, CHASING CM600 is driven by the CHASING Gecko Climb patented technology to move around the floor and walls of the pool.

The suction port of the cleaner can trap dirt, debris and other substances on the surface and floor of the pool. The collected debris and dirt are filtered by the internal filtration system and left inside the filter. The internal filter bag can be cleaned or replaced as required.

For square pools, its unique regular path algorithm can identify the coverage of the whole pool or enable the manual control over specific cleaning areas. CHASING CM600 can also be controlled remotely by an APP, enabling hotel staff to schedule pool cleaning anytime and anywhere.

It is important to note that robotic pool cleaners are not an alternative to regular maintenance and cleaning of the pool and its filtration system, but they can greatly keep the pool clean and reduce the workload of hotel staff to a great extent. Nowadays, robotic pool cleaner has become a helpful tool for many hotels to keep their pools clean and safe due to its high efficiency, hygienic property, low cost and convenience.